Opportunity knocks on my power bill:

My power company loves me. They want to give me the chance to sign up for a fixed payment plan! If I sign up, I'll pay the same amount every month, no matter how much or how little electricity I use. They've selected a price (just for me!) that is at least 20% above my usual bill, so I thought at first that it would be silllly to sign up. But suppose I come up with some use for a huge amount of electricity. Can I resell electricity somehow? Bottle it and save it for future years? Power enough fans to turn my apartment into a wind tunnel? Pit my a/c against an armada of space heaters in great battle for thermal control supremacy? Because I've never squashed a grand plan for lack of electricity, this wasn't something I was prepared for. Nevertheless, I now have an opportunity to do something nifty on a pretty large scale. For a small chunk more than I'm now paying, I can have UNLIMITED ELECTRICITY!! So, before Fate passes me by (10 Feb, they say), I need ideas. What would you do with unlimited electricity?
posted by Liar at 18:24