Unlimited Electricity part deux.

Ok, so it now appears that I can get the unlimited electricity only for three months. If my power use rises substantially during that time, they'll throw me off the fixed-price plan. Nevertheless, three months is enough time to get quite a bit done. Some of the better suggestions I've recieved offline: -Rig up a projector powerful enough to show movies on the moon, and show movies on the moon. -Build a giant electromagnet and bend phone poles. -Rent an inflatable jumpy-room, deploy it, and charge admission (to recoup at least some of the expense). Use the projector to advertise on the moon. I do so love inflatable jumpy-rooms. -Build a large-scale TMS device. Get enough extension cords (3 miles or so) to get it to campus. `Stimulate' every brain in a large lecture hall.
posted by Liar at 20:58