The rapidly shifting Boohbah market.

Boohbah investors should either get out of the market altogether, no doubt at a loss, or start thinking long-term: the local Wal*Mart has an endcap full of singy Boohbahs down to $15 each. This is down from $22.94 less than a month ago. (Click here to see Zing Zing Zingbah go on vacation.) On the other hand, Wal*Mart's web site quotes a slightly higher price ($19.76 at press, with or without CD), but note that every one is out of stock. (Rapidly dropping prices + endcap position in-store) x out of stock online = They're clearing out their warehouse! If you've waited this long to get yourself a Boohbah, you need to act now. The opportunity won't last. Consider yourselves warned.
posted by Liar at 21:48