Wait, wwhat?

I stopped grading for the night at about midnight last night. Ug. But then I settled in to reading Lauren's blog. (I started at the beginning a little while ago.) By 5:20, I was almost current, very conscious of how wickedly in love with her I am, and finally tired enough to sleep. I nestled in and slept, well enough, until about 8:30. When I woke up because of the smoke. The story's not terribly interesting. All's well now, as far as I can tell. Here are some favorite moments:
  • The apartment's at its smokiest, the Fire Department is on their way, and I've been instructed to wait outside. Instead, I'm inside, hunched over to keep my face under the smoke, picking up my scattered dirty clothes. Can't have the FD seeing what a slob I am, right?
  • All the windows and both doors are open, the eight or so firefolk (who didn't mean to let me see them raise any eyebrows about my awesome mural or Abe Lincoln bathroom) are waiting outside while the smoke clears, there's a big old exhaust fan on the stoop: the apartment has become a lethargic wind tunnel. I'm inside watching it all. My students' tests are quivering on the floor--occasionally, one of them peels up and blows over to the couch. Photocopied articles that were lying on the floor are up in the air, fluttering against each other. The `I Love You' balloon attached to the VD flowers Lauren sent me is dancing seductively in the kitchen. My hair is sweeping back and forth on top of my head as I turn slowly to watch it all. And the noises! All the rustling and crinkling is set against the whoosh of the air, the deep buzz of the fan, and the irregular clank of the fan's uneven metal leg on my brick steps. I can't hear anything else, and I don't want to.
  • One of the firefolk is filling out his report. He has three questions for me: `What's your name?', `What's your phone number?', and `What's the complete value of everything you own?'.
  • I'm waiting for the repair. I decide that I'm taking today off to write like I didn't do yesterday.
Now, the repair's been and gone, and everything seems to be working just as it should. I'm going to class tonight for the free pizza, but the rest of my day goes to my work. Summary: LJ is psychic, and I fucking love everything. 9 days until the part of everything that I particularly love is here with me.
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