I sure do love NC, but...

For the first time, I'm sincerely thinking about leaving. I'm down here so I can get a degree from a top school and have a better shot at pulling down a nifty job in the long run. But living in North Carolina may be too high a price to pay for that. Everyone I love is hundreds of miles away. I feel like I've gone into hibernation, like I've put my life largely on hold "just for a minute, while I do this one thing." But it's not just a minute; it's five years, to be followed by say fiveish worse years spent navigating the job market, if I'm lucky. (And then everything becomes perfect and great, right?) Outside of fantasy-world, I am as free now as I ever will be. I have practically nothing holding me here: a class I've contracted to teach in June, a lease that's up July 31, and my fear of deviating from Plan A. I could be out of here, brand-new MA in hand, by the beginning of August. Then what? I don't know yet. This is where I need to think more; just because Plan A isn't as good as it once seemed doesn't mean it's not still the best choice. We'll see.
posted by Liar at 16:47