The Achordants lay it down.

In class today, one of my students announces that his a cappella group, The Achordants, is putting on a: choose-your-own-adventure-a-cappella-murder-mystery-show tonight. I'm curious, of course, so I swing by. The first thing I notice is that this show is standing-room only in a venue with a couple hundred seats. (Later investigation: 422 seats.) That seems odd for a college a cappella group, but I figure they just have a lot of friends or something. I lean on a pole in the back and prepare to hear some average singing. Holy shit. They weren't perfect--inveterate nitpickers like me had nits to pick--but they were solid. They had rich voices, tight intonation, interesting arrangements, and their dynamics! Their dynamics. What's more, they put on a hell of a show. The whole audience was throroughly amused from start to finish--two hours, minus a few minutes' intermission. Just fantastic. Turns out they're the South Regional ICCA champs, which puts them in the national finals on April 30. Rock my nads. Good luck, guys.
posted by Liar at 23:21