My Maine Squeeze.

Get it? This weekend was amazing. (For trip details, you can hit LJ's post.) We clambered together on amazing rocks. The ocean showed us how like a single living thing it is. Everybody's dogs were thrilled to meet us. Which reminds me of a story. In Boston, we stopped on the sidewalk to briefly chat with a basset hound named Elvis and his person. As we were saying goodbye to the two of them, Elvis sneezed and I said `Bless you'. Apparently, Elvis's person thought I was thanking her for her time in a religious fashion. Not everything's about you, lady. Yay! I don't think I've ever felt so loved as I do when I'm with Lauren. I'm unutterably thankful. She interrupts herself amazing me to amaze me further. I am ridonculously in love.
posted by Liar at 13:23