Hapkido in Greensboro

Cast of Characters: Mr. Scott: Second assistant to Grandmaster Bong. He's somewhere between 20 and 40, vaguely Asian, with friendly spiked hair. I keep expecting him to use `golly jeepers' and `20X6!' in the same sentence. He's Archie if Archie were a well-built anime character. My wrists are still happy from a couple locks he put on me. I don't think he stopped smiling both days. Master Friske: Pronounced `frisky'. He's a 7th dan; in 7-8 years of karate and now four months of TKD, I don't think I've been in the same room as a 7th dan more than once or twice before, and this dude is the assistant. He's 50ish, pure California surfer bum. Grandmaster Bong: Little ageless old Korean man, speaks softly and thickly accented, keeps saying `so eeeasy' and talking about ballroom dancing while severely throwing the other two around. The structure of the class: They demonstrate a technique a few times, we copy that technique many times with our partners. Unfortunately, there were so many people that if we didn't get the technique just right by watching, there was little chance of getting any correction. I still learned quite a bit, but I think I would've learned more by watching the three demonstrate over and over again than by doing so many bad reps myself. I'm glad I went, but I might skip it if they come around again. It is something to watch really good martial artists, though.
posted by Liar at 19:26