Good news!

The Mormon elders came back today to talk a bit more shop. Boy, if they're right, I'm all set. Check it out: they told me today that after we die, we're split into two groups--the Mormons get all the good, and everybody else wails and gnashes their teeth. So far so bad. But get this: that's just temporary, and while it's going on we get another chance to Mormonize. Then comes Judgement Day, when we're Judged and split into three groups for eternity. Even the worst off of these three groups, though, doesn't have it that bad--they're just not the best. So after J.D., we're all gonna ride crescent fresh. Before J.D. it might be no fun, but if you just hunker down and wait it'll end. So, put your worries aside, kiddies: if the Mormons are right, we'll all do at least OK eventually.
posted by Liar at 00:07