My stolen microwave

So today was a longish day at work. Lots of teaching, lots of office hours, lots of tutoring, lots o' logic in the air. Then, just as I'm wrapping up, I hear thunder coming, so I hop on the moped and race the storm home. So I arrive, exhilarated from the ride and tired from all the teaching. I walk in through the back door, into the kitchen, and I see that the microwave's been stolen. In fact, it looks like the whole kitchen's been cleaned out. After I get my bearings, I see that the microwave's just been moved. It's still here. And the kitchen hasn't been cleaned out; it's been cleaned up. Spotless. All the dishes have been done, too, and the recycling's been taken out. Plus there are more groceries in the fridge. Plus there's a Jiffy Lube receipt in the living room (my car needed to see those folks). What an angel Lauren is! She did all this today while I was at work. (At least, I hope she did. Otherwise, something mighty weird is going down.) She is such a wonderful person, and she's an absolute pleasure to live with. Yay! (Vernon, here we come!)
posted by Liar at 16:06