No magic underwear for me, thanks.

LJ and I were sitting around chatting this afternoon when we got four soft knocks on the door. Elder Preece and Elder Blakely had come to tell us about Mormonism! We invited them in, I got them some water, and we sat down for a chat. Their main focus was on telling us how much G-D loves us, while my main focus was on finding out just how they differ from other Christians, so we were at something of cross purposes, but I think it all worked out: they gave me a copy of the Book of Mormon, so I was happy, and I agreed to pray on it, so they were happy. I like to read various religions' holy books, so I'm happy to have a new one. I haven't checked it out much yet, but from what I've gleaned so far (and from what Elders P. and B. told me), it seems that this book is going to claim that American Indian civilizations (all of 'em? I don't know yet) are descendants of a guy named Lehi, who was told by G-D to flee Jerusalem before the destruction of the Temple (half a millennium or so before JC). What's more, JC himself apparently visited the Indians after His death. That's more the part that interests me. Then there's a bunch about Joseph Smith (sounds like a fake name to me), who had some visions--whatever. Lots of folks have visions. Although finding a bunch of gold plates in the side of a mountain is cool. Anyway, the mythology doesn't sound any less wacky than Christian mythology in general. Of course the practice of Mormonism, or what I think I know of it, gets pretty wacky. No caffeine? That does it right there for me. Let alone the magical underwear. Remember, when a Mormon farts, it goes straight to G-D's Ears.
posted by Liar at 17:59