These bugs must bee from Ansterdam, but termite be a way to beetle them.

Q: How can you tell when a bug is from Ansterdam? A: When it gnaws a Holland the wall! We've declared war on the little black ants that plague our kitchen. We deployed nine evil-deadly-bait stations, of two varieties, to trick the ants into poisoning themselves, plus we hit what seemed to be their home base with a layer or two of Black Flag. The results so far: Ants prefer dollar-store evil-deadly-bait to Wal*Mart evil-deadly-bait. We set two of the dollar-store baits just inside the back door (where they come in), and lo! we've got the poison brigade at work full-time. So far, though, there's no indication that any are dying. I think they just like the poison. There is some success; they don't come any farther into the apartment. They're happy to have their evil food, and they turn around and cart it back out, leaving the rest of the kitchen more or less alone. When we run out of poison, maybe we should just smear jelly on the back door.
posted by Liar at 16:28