Da Band

So da band exists. Congas and 2? guitars and trombone/oval vocals and assorted winds and me on the flounder. It should rock. I'm betting on some sort of funk/rock influenced thing, but we'll see. It's going to be odd joining a band again after 2+ years of working solo. On the plus side, I've definitely added dimensions to my ears that weren't there a while ago. On the down side, I've gotten comfortable with absolute control, and I'm certainly putting that aside now. Regardless, we need a name. I think my favorite suggestion so far is `God'. It's great as art, it's great as marketing. It's a killer art brand. The only downside: it would be fiendishly hard to Google. And that might be enough to make it not work. Any good ideas out there in blog land? Or bad ideas? Or non-ideas? Let me know.
posted by Liar at 16:54