NaNoWriMo, and LJ!

plus another redesign
So it's a bit over two weeks until National Novel Writing Month, and in preparation, I've been downloading some software intended to make the writing go smoothlier. The best piece of the bunch, I think, is Jer's Novel Writer, a word processor designed for, well, novel writing, complete with built-in character database, margin notes, and plenty of other nifty features that should help me focus on meeting the insane writing pace it'll take to write a 50,000-word piece in 30 days. It's Mac-only, though, suckers.

In addition, this here site has been significantly redesigned, and for the first time, it's from scratch! No more only-slightly-tweaked Blogger templates for me.

Lauren has a hard time keeping secrets, so she gave me my birthday presents tonight! There's some fantastic dollar-store fare, a bag of those strawberry hard candies with the delicious strawberry goop inside, and a beautiful framed painting she did. The painting is called "David's Autumn", and it's an abstract oil in reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. It's gorgeous, and I'm still seeing more and more in it. It feels very grounded. I'll probably post a picture of it when I'm not feeling quite so lazy. I'm so blessed to have Lauren in my life.
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