What a day!

This has been a phenomenal birthday. It started right at midnight, with LJ showing me the incredibly sweet birthday post she put up for me. She is tremendous.

After just a couple hours of sleep, it was time to wake up and get to band practice. And what a practice! Everyone was on in a big way this morning; Sean and Matt are sounding more and more like one four-handed musician who can play two guitars at once, Eric plays the congas so they sound like blood, and I was pretty much at my limit just trying to take it all in.

Then it was off to the shore, to help some friends take in their dock for the winter. Most of the work had been done by the time Lauren and I arrived, but we got to help a bit with the hard part (hauling the wood up a steep rocky slope). Got to do the family celebration with my folks afterwards; there was delicious casserole and key lime pie (my favorite!) and cribbage and wonderful gifts and great company.

To top it off, today has been the first day we've seen so much sun in about a week and a half, and the wind was howling all day. The clouds were motley and complex and layered, too. This is my kind of weather. THANK YOU EVERYONE for a wonderful day!
posted by Liar at 21:08