wanna buy a tuba?
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I sure do love NC, but...

For the first time, I'm sincerely thinking about leaving. I'm down here so I can get a degree from a top school and have a better shot at pulling down a nifty job in the long run. But living in North Carolina may be too high a price to pay for that. Everyone I love is hundreds of miles away. I feel like I've gone into hibernation, like I've put my life largely on hold "just for a minute, while I do this one thing." But it's not just a minute; it's five years, to be followed by say fiveish worse years spent navigating the job market, if I'm lucky. (And then everything becomes perfect and great, right?) Outside of fantasy-world, I am as free now as I ever will be. I have practically nothing holding me here: a class I've contracted to teach in June, a lease that's up July 31, and my fear of deviating from Plan A. I could be out of here, brand-new MA in hand, by the beginning of August. Then what? I don't know yet. This is where I need to think more; just because Plan A isn't as good as it once seemed doesn't mean it's not still the best choice. We'll see.
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I dig me some "next blog" button!

From garyisanidiot.blogspot.com:
today went to gigi house do a facial demo on someone... not do la... i sit there and talk cock like clown let people suan my shiny forehead... the session was fun... our guests were very communicative and talkative ... had alot of fun in my first ever sharing session... gigi house very nice... go in straight away feel comfortable think cos alot of the furniture is wooden hahaha... like my house... but they have SOFA!!! and my stupid house is all China furniture... can see cannot sit ah... peh chek. looking forward to this thursday... do facial on myself loh!!!!!!! hopefully can use other people's stock instead of mine HAHAHAHAHAHA! cheapskate.
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Space ranger monkey toots.
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In her surprise, Lisa put down her coffee mug, because of her surprise, without thinking.

Lisa a small brown stain right up to the sky two white faces. With brown tongues interlocked in her brown surprise in her surprise brown Lisa forgot something in her surprise. Lisa forgot four forks forgot to clean a squirrel forgot the catbox. Lisa the squirrel has a big dick cums in all the neighborhoods mailboxes hoist the flag special delivery. When Lisa the squirrel has quick hunched intercourse with trees the trees they shiver.
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640 miles in 10:20 = 62 mph

Not a bad average. But my ass feels every second of the time, and my heart feels every inch of the distance. If there is a single prog bone in your body, immediately get the new Mars Volta album into your ears. If there is no prog bone in your body, steal a neighbor's prog bone and follow above instructions.
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Lauren lands tomorrow.

GIS for `happy'.
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Thank you Fuck.org
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