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makes every day better. I love her hard.
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Go see Bewitched

because it's awesome. If you see it at the local Timberlyne theatre, show up early. You'll be treated to a movie-screen size ad for Neill's Taekwondo and Fitness, featuring this picture of Master Neill:
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The magic of the intarweb.

Some of you may recall an irreverant post a month or so ago, about a Hapkido seminar I attended in Greensboro. It seems that someone googling for this seminar found my blog of all places, and now the link has been passed around enough, for whatever reasons, that it's gotten back to NC, to the school that hosted the seminar, and to my own instructor, who mentioned this all to me last night. As far as I can tell, most everyone involved is amused, which I think is the appropriate response (and, honestly, if you had seen these guys). Remember, folks: the internet is magical.
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A moving post.

They're going to start showing this place immediately, which should mean plenty of excitement around here. The upside: we can stay a bit into August, which will make the move easier, since the new place probably won't open up until August 1. Tomorrow, we begin the process to nab the new spot: hopefully in Westview apartments, in Vernon. To be known as `The Larry Hole'. We throw down the doubles cribbage gauntlet. In the meantime, there's everything and nothing to do.
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